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NKU Testing Services is a registered Testing Site for DSST exams. Community members are welcome to take DSST exams at NKU and have their scores transferred to other institutions at no additional cost. 

College credits are available in 38 unique subjects. Disciplines include Business, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Science, and more. From personal accounting to public speaking, from your health to law enforcement or ethics, there's a DSST subject you already know well. Make sure to check with your college or university to learn about their credit awarding policy. For a list of exams and exam descriptions, visit

Whether you are looking to start a new career or advance in your current job, a few more academic credits can make a big difference. Since you are on your way to a college degree, the extra credits you earn through DSST will free up time and energies  to focus on the courses you want to take.



DSST Exams Accepted at NKU

The following lists of DSST examinations are those that are accepted at NKU.  They have been equated with specific courses offered at the University. For NKU students, a grade of pass (P) will be assigned for the successful passage of a DSST examination. Awarded DSST credit will not replace any prior earned class credit. 



Minimum Score

Credit Hours

Equivalent NKU Course

A History of the Vietnam War 400 3 HIS 565
Astronomy 400 3 AST 100G*
Art of the Western World 48 + department essay 3 ARTH 101
The Civil War and Reconstruction 400 3 HIS 394
Ethics in America 400 3 PHI 200
Ethics in Technology 400 3 PHI 310
Environmental Science 400 3 ENV 110
Fundamentals of College Algebra 400 3 MAT 100T
General Anthropology  400 3 ANT 100T
Health and Human Development 400 3 BIO 125
Introduction to Geography 400 3 GEO 100
Introduction to World Religions 400 3 REL 200
Computing and Information Technology 432 3 BIS 101
Management Information Systems 430 3 BIS 300
Principles of Statistics
400 3 STA 205
Substance Abuse 400 3 HSR 340

*This will go towards a student's elective credit and can satisfy a general education natural science requirement. This will not substitute a course.