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The ACT, National American College Test is the nation’s most popular college entrance exam accepted and valued by all universities and colleges in the United States. The ACT is based on what students learn in high school and provides personalized information about their strengths for education and career planning.

The ACT is the required examination for admission to Northern Kentucky University. Testing Services offers National and On-Campus exam dates.  If there are any questions regarding the National or On-Campus ACT, please contact Testing Services at (859) 572-6373.

ACT On-Campus National ACT

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ACT Scores at NKU

  • For NKU college level courses, students will need: 18 or above in English; 19 or above in Math; 20 or above in Reading.
  • A composite score of "20" is required for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • A composite score of "21" is required for first-time freshmen majoring in Criminal Justice, International Studies and Political Science
  • A composite score of "22" is required for admissions into Biology and Pre-Biology majors
  • Radiologic Technology and Respiratory Care require a composite score according to the current NKU admission standard     

Please note: The College of Education accepts the National ACT for teacher education admissions requirements but cannot accept the “On-Campus” or “Residual” ACT. See the teacher education admissions webpage for details.