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English and Reading Placement

For English and Reading placement, students will complete the NKUWrite. The NKUWrite placement is a Directed Self-Placement assessment. It will take you through a series of questions to determine the appropriate English and Reading courses for you. There is no cost for this assessment.

For registration purposes, you will need your student ID number.


To take the NKUWrite placement test, please click on the link below to begin. 




Students must complete the ALEKS Assessment for math placement testing. ALEKS PPL is an online placement tool that also includes learning modules to improve placement. After completing an unproctored baseline assessment, you can select the appropriate learning module to help improve your score. Then, the placement exam is completed again in a proctored online environment. The proctored exam can be completed from any computer with a webcam. Those who spend 7-8 hours working in the module tend to improve their placement by one course.

You will need your NKU user ID and password to access ALEKS. Only proctored attempts may be used for placement.


To begin the ALEKS Assessment, click the link below and follow the prompts.