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Accelerated Online Program Course Offerings

Accountancy Professional Track (MAcc): PDF

Adult Gero Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (MSN): Under revision.  

Alternative Certificate in Special Education MSD: PDF

Alternative Certificate in Special Education LBD: PDF

Business Administration (BSBA): PDF

Business Administration (MBA): PDF

Communication Studies (BA): PDF

Criminal Justice (BA): PDF

Cybersecurity (MS): PDF

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP): PDF

Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN): Under revision. 

Health Administration (MS): PDF

Health Care Commercialization Certificate: PDF

Health Communication (BA): PDF

Health Informatics (MHI): PDF

Health Science (BS): PDF

Legal Studies (MLS): PDF

Psychological Science (BA): PDF

Nursing (RN-BSN): PDF

Nursing Education (MSN): Under revision. 

Nursing Executive Leadership (MSN): Under revision. 

Organizational Leadership (BA): PDF

Psych Mental Health (MSN): Under revision. 

Respiratory Care (BS): Under revision.

Social Work (MSW): Under revision. 

Sociology (BS): PDF


Alphabetical Index of Resources