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Annual pricing is a one-time payment.

Monthly pricing is month-to-month with no commitment.

Student pricing is per semester. 

No sign-up fees or contracts!

***Prices below do not reflect the $35 parking fee***


Individual  Supplemental  Family 
Annual: $495
Monthly: $47 
Annual: $695
Monthly: $63
Annual: $815
Monthly: $73 

NKU Alumni

Individual  Supplemental  Family 
Annual: $276
Monthly: $28
Annual: $366
Monthly: $36 
Annual: $396
Monthly: $38  

NKU Faculty and Staff 

Individual Supplemental  Family
No membership purchase necessary Annual: $260
Monthly: $27  
Annual: $312
Monthly: $31 
*For the spouse or partner and/or dependents (under the age of 26) of NKU faculty and staff
*May pay in-full (check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or through payroll deduction.

NKU Student

Fall/Spring/Summer Semester

Individual Supplemental Family
CRC access is included in semester
fees & tuition for enrolled students.
$30/Semester $40/Semester

Supplemental Membership Terms: Supplemental memberships include yourself and your spouse/partner or one dependent under age 26 in each membership category.  For students and faculty/staff, supplemental memberships only include your spouse/partner or one dependent under age 26. 

Family Membership Terms: Family memberships include yourself, your spouse/partner, and dependents under age 26 of the main member in each membership category.  For students and faculty/staff, family memberships only include your spouse/partner and any of your dependents under age 26. 

  • Dependents must be under 26 years of age.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times by a CRC member over 18 years old. Read our Age Requirements for Minors policy for more information.
  • All supplemental or dependent members must reside at the same address as the main account holder.

Student Summer Access

If you are not enrolled in summer classes, you must purchase a Student Summer Membership for $24 for the summer. Please see the Membership Services desk tp purchase your membership.


Corporate & Civic

Discounted Corporate & Civic membership rates are available to employees of participating organizations. Contact Ashley Kroell at or 859-572-6308 if you’re interested in partnering your business with us.




All CRC members may bring up to two guests to the CRC for a daily fee of $7 per guest.

Guest policies and more information


Non-Students (Price per Year)

Full Locker- $60
L-Shaped Locker- $45
Half Locker- $30

Students (Price per Semester Only)

Full Locker- $20 (Main and pool locker rooms) 
L-Shaped Locker- $15 (Pool locker room only) 
Half Locker- $10 (Main locker room only) 

Learn more about locker policies and additional information.


Locker Rental Prices

Students (Price per Semester Only)

  • Full Locker: $20 (Main and pool locker rooms)
  • L-Shaped Locker- $15 (Pool locker room only)
  • Half Locker- $10 (Main locker room only)

Rent your locker at Membership Services.

Non-Students (Price per Year)

  • Full Locker- $60 (Main and pool locker rooms)
  • L-Shaped Locker- $45 (Pool and faculty/staff locker rooms)
  • Half Locker- $30 (Main locker room only)

Any current member who is not an NKU student, staff, or faculty member may receive month-to-month membership rates to coincide with their membership expiration date.

Faculty/Staff may pay for their locker rental via payroll deduction.

Rent your locker at Membership Services.

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    Renew Your Membership / Locker

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