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Registration and Policies


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Register here for Personal Training with NKU Campus Recreation.


Personal Training Registration

  • All individuals wishing to purchase Personal Training sessions must complete an NKU Campus Recreation Personal Training Packet.  These packets are also located at Membership Services.
  • Any member of NKU Campus Recreation ages 13 and older may participate in the NKU Campus Recreation Personal Training Program.
  • Parents or Guardians of a minor child wishing to participate in the Personal Training Program will also need to complete the NKU Campus Recreation Use Agreement For Minors.
  • All completed Personal Training Packets must be returned with payment to Membership Services.
  • All Personal Training sessions must be paid in full at the time of registration.
  • The registration process is complete after the Personal Training Packet is received and payment for the sessions is received.

Personal Trainer Selection

  • Personal Trainers are paired with clients based on the individual needs of the client.  Current skill level, schedule, and medical conditions are considered before a Personal Trainer is selected.
  • Participants may request a specific Personal Trainer.  This request must be made in the Personal Training Packet.
  • Participants may request either a male or female trainer.  This request must be made in the Personal Training Packet.

Scheduling Personal Training Sessions

  • Personal Training sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the Client and Personal Trainer. 
  • The initial session, the Fitness Assessment, is scheduled by the Coordinator of Fitness in conjunction with the Clients' and Personal Trainers' schedule.
  • The Client and Personal Trainer can meet for sessions as often as the Client prefers.
  • It is recommended to meet for Personal Training sessions at least two times per week.