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Package Costs


Personal Training Sale

Now is the time to try one of our personal training packages! Get 10% off all packages Aug. 23rd - Sept. 30 with the promo code BUILDABETTERYOU#PT


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1-on-1 Session Packages
Students Non-Students
Warm-up (2 sessions) $60 $90
Strong ( 5 sessions) $114 $174
Achieve (11 sessions) $216 $336
Conquer (15 sessions) $272 $432
Buddy Training Students Non-Students
Gold (2 sessions)
$90 ($45/person) $135 ($67.50/person)
Black (5 sessions) $150 ($75/person) $240 ($120/person)
Victor (11 sessions)
$240 ($120/person) $420 ($210/person)
  • Fitness Assessment is included in all packages
  • Buddy Training consists of 2 people per session.
  • To receive the student rate, both Buddy Training participants must be current NKU students.
  • Both participants of the Buddy Training must make their payments at the same time.
  • For any additional questions or concerns please email us at

Personal Training Fitness Assessment

Students - $15 / Non-Students - $20

Personal Training Fitness Assessment Includes:

  • Interactive Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate
  • Interactive Modified Sit & Reach Test (Flexibility)
  • Optional Interactive Body Composition Assessments (Body Fat percentage)
  • Interactive Strength Tests
  • V02Max Analysis (Cardiovascular Fitness)