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Records Management Policy


Though all records produced at the University are public records, not all records are open public records. This means that not all records are open to view by the public. Personnel files, student records, and any documents containing health information are among those that are officially listed as confidential on the retention schedules. These files must be kept secure to insure employee and student privacy. Due to the rise in identity theft, particular attention should be paid to any documents containing Social Security numbers. While the records themselves may be open, Social Security numbers are confidential. Legal Affairs makes all final determinations on what is confidential. Questions regarding issues of confidentiality and privacy must be referred to Legal Affairs.

Open Records Requests

Under Kentucky law, any member of the public may request to view open public records. There is a procedure to be followed as mandated by the Kentucky Open Records laws. Official open records requests are handled by Legal Affairs. Departments that receive these requests must refer them to Legal Affairs. Please direct any open records inquires to Legal Affairs.