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Open Records Request?

Direct any open records inquiries to Legal Affairs


Looking for Transcripts?

Student transcripts can be requested from the NKU Office of the Registrar.

Records and Information Management is the systematic control of recorded information, regardless of format, from original creation to ultimate disposition. Or more simply, knowing what you have, where it is located, how long you need to keep it and following that retention requirement.

Records can include:

  • Papers
  • Digital files, including email
  • Publications
  • Audio or video recordings
  • CDs or DVDs
  • Photographs
  • Maps or blueprints

All NKU employees — administrators, faculty and staff — create and maintain records and information. Only a small portion of records and information needs to be kept permanently. All employees should evaluate their records and information for retention at least annually.


Keep or Delete

How long you retain a record or information is based solely on content not format. The state maintains approved retention schedules that list records by their content or record series.

Our schedule, The State University Retention Schedule, provides a detailed listing of most types of records or information that you or your office might create.

This schedule provides you with the legal authority to dispose of the listed public records, along with when and how you may dispose of them.


ABC's of Records and Information Management

All NKU employees: administrators, faculty and staff, must comply with Kentucky records laws.

Before deleting or destroying records and information, check The State University Retention Schedule to determine how long the records and information must be kept.

Complete the required forms to document authorized destruction or transfer of your records.

Contact Vicki Cooper if you have any questions.