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Textbook Affordability Program

September 28, 2020
Books and tablet on a desk.

We are excited to announce Steely Library in collaboration with other NKU campus stakeholders, including the University Connect and Persist (UCAP) program, implemented a campus-wide pilot textbook program beginning fall semester 2020. Fifteen digital textbooks were purchased and integrated into Steely’s library catalog.

Priority was given to textbooks that could be:

  • Accessed electronically (in light of pandemic and remote learning) 
  • Multi or unlimited users, when possible
  • Added to the library collection (had a university sharing license)
  • Most requested titles through UCAP and the university bookstore
  • Reached the most students according to real time enrollment counts 
  • Provided significant financial relief for our students 
  • Supported a diverse spectrum of students across all of NKU’s departments

The textbooks represent a diverse collection used by the following departments: Computer Information Technology, Communication Studies, Health Sciences, Human Services/Mental Health, Organizational Leadership, Graduate Nursing, Nursing Registered Professional, Sociology, and Social Work.

NKU faculty teaching selected courses have been notified of the purchases, so information can be shared with students. According to current enrollment counts, purchased textbooks have potential to reach 5,027 of our NKU students!

This program is made possible due to the generosity of the Friends of Steely Library.