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Steely Library has a new BOSS (Board of Student Stakeholders)

October 20, 2023

In an exciting development for Steely Library, a group of dedicated undergraduate students volunteered to represent the NKU student population and spearhead a library improvement project of their choice for the 2023-2024 academic year. The new BOSS (Board of Student Stakeholders) cohort is a dynamic group of students committed to shaping the future of the library experience for their NKU peers. 

The group met in September to learn more about Steely Library and one another, followed by formal planning in October to finalize plans for the library’s Final’s Week Stress Relief. This initiative, slated for December 4-8 from 11-12 p.m. on the 3rd floor of Steely, aims to provide several opportunities for students across campus to unwind and recharge during the busy exam period. During this time, BOSS is sponsoring a variety of crafts and giveaways including free “make and take” snack bags generously provided by FUEL NKU, 3D printed creations from Stego Studio, and a Coffee & Cookie break with the Friends of Steely Library (FoSL).  

Jill Liebisch Spicer, First-Year Teaching & Learning Librarian serves as faculty advisor for BOSS and believes that a stress-free student is a successful student. “I know that working with BOSS will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Together, we’re amplifying the diverse perspectives of NKU students to enhance our library services and resources. Let’s continue to turn up the volume on student influence and make a difference on campus!” said Liebisch Spicer. 


BOSS has been known for its commitment to boosting student voices since 2020 by actively involving members in library improvements and initiatives. Past iterations of BOSS created Online Learning Kits to meet student technology needs, while other cohorts provided seed funding to support the expansion of a new popular reading collection.  With personal health at the forefront, past BOSS members highlighted the importance of student well-being in the shape of a new wellness book collection for the NKU community to peruse. 

As in years past, the newly selected BOSS members are prepared to leverage their diverse backgrounds and perspectives to pave the way for library improvements and initiatives that will resonate with the student community. Their collective vision revolves around fostering a welcoming and inclusive library environment that caters to the evolving demands of the NKU student population. 

With the BOSS members' passion for collaboration and their stance on shaping the library experience, this academic year at Steely Library is bound to be an exciting one. We cannot wait to witness all the group’s innovative ideas and hard work as it becomes a reality.