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Federal regulations require that the IRB review anything that a potential participant might see or hear related to the research study. 

Elements of Recruitment Materials

The NKU IRB requires the following elements to be included on recruitment materials:

  • The study title
  • The word "research"-make it clear that this is a research study.
  • “Northern Kentucky University”
  • The PI's name
  • A contact name, with either a phone number or e-mail address
  • Eligibility criteria, if applicable, should be noted briefly. Especially if payment depends on meeting these criteria. For example, "English speaking only," "Women only," etc.
  • The recommended wording is "You are invited."or "Participants invited."

Optional Elements:

  • The IRB study number
  • The condition being studied and/or the purpose of the research
  • The primary criteria that will be used to determine eligibility for the study
  • Time or other commitment required of the subjects
  • The location of the research
  • The potential direct or societal benefits

Elements that are Not Allowed:

  • Claims that state or imply a certainty of a favorable outcome or other benefits beyond what is outlined in the consent document and protocol.
  • Use of the term “free” in reference to treatment or procedures.
  • Use of exculpatory language (language in the advertising whereby prospective subjects waive or appear to waive any of their legal rights).
  • Use of bold or enlarged print or other means to emphasize payment or the amount to be paid.

Recruitment on SONA

For recruitment on SONA please include :

  • Study Title 
  • Number of credits earned 
  • Whether the study is online, in- person, etc. 
  • Brief description of study
  • Include the word “research” to make it clear it is a research study
  • Eligibility criteria 

*There is a limit of 255 characters.

Teaser Advertisements

For online recruitment, projects may use teaser ads placed on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Vimeo where character length is limited as long as:

  • The teaser mentions that it is a research project.
  • The teaser does not use inflammatory language or misleading statements.
  • The teaser refers the potential participant to a full flyer with all of the required elements.

Bulk E-Mail 

The IRB is responsible for the review and approval of the content of recruitment e-mails intended to solicit participants for a research study. However, it does not oversee the sending of the bulk e-mail at NKU.  Investigators should ensure they are in compliance with NKU policy for the use of bulk e-mail and the steps for obtaining approval to send bulk e-mail.

Sample Recruitment Materials: