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There are multiple locations online to search for the availability of external research and other sponsored activity dollars. Naturally, most agencies host information about available funding opportunities on their respective websites; however, there are also other websites and subscriptions that provide an array of funding announcements.

The most common sites/resources include the following:

  • Featured Funding Opportunities – The RGC office will issue a listing of featured research opportunities which is updated on a regular basis and distributed to the NKU campus monthly.
  • – This is an E-Government initiative that provides a centralized location for grant seekers to find and apply for research funding offered by a variety of government agencies.
  • FedConnect – This is a web portal that provides information on grant opportunities from government agencies. It provides greater detail on funding opportunities to assist the investigator in doing business with the government.
  • SPIN – This system is available directly to all NKU faculty and is the world’s largest database of funding opportunities that delivers specific information based on criteria and research focus areas. Visit their web site to create a profile.