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Institutional/Applicant Information

  • Legal Name: Northern Kentucky University
  • Authorized Signatory: Craig Holloman, Director, Office of Research, Grants & Contracts
  • DUNS Number: 07-287-9760
  • UEI Number: LN53C9E23GH6
  • EIN Number: 61-1010545 (DHHS EIN: 1611010545A1)
  • Congressional District: KY-004
  • Cage Code: 3DZN0
  • Cognizant Agency: Department of Health & Human Services, Ernest Kinneer, 214-767-3261
  • Date of F&A Rate Agreement: 10/19/2020

Faculty Resources

The Office of Research, Grants & Contracts maintains a significant amount of grant resources online for faculty reference. Most all information needed for a grant application can be found at this location which includes agency-specific forms and links, templates, university rates for tuition, fringe benefits and suggested minimum wage/salary limitations, and other applicable grant information.

Office of Research, Grants & Contracts

The RGC office provides full administrative support to all research faculty and staff requesting assistance and serves as the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) on behalf of the university for all grants, contracts and agreements related to research funding and initiatives.
In addition to the Director, the RGC is currently staffed with a Research Development Manager, Research Compliance Manager, two Sr. Grants & Contracts Administrator, a Project Specialist, and a Grants & Contracts Officer. This team of professionals work hand-in-hand every day to provide the needed administrative support to submit compliant and competitive external funding requests to a diverse set of funding agencies. 
Please reach out via the main RGC email address - - for any inquiries related to:
  • General questions NOT related to a specific proposal
  • Questions related to internal processes or approval requirements.

Please reach out to your assigned RGC Grants Administrator regarding any proposal-specific questions and/or programmatic needs.

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