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Tips for Students 

  1. Selecting a faculty advisor can be tricky. It’s best to choose someone who knows you fairly well and understands your academic goals. Choosing someone who is knowledgeable in the subjects you want to study will also be helpful.
  2. Researching as a student may seem overwhelming at first. It doesn’t have to be! Have a clear goal and know what you want to research. It’s much easier to form a plan when you know what you’re working towards.
  3. Remember to complete the NKU required CITI training for human subjects protection. Your faculty advisor must also complete this training.
  4. Manage your time wisely. A research project on top of your regular class work can be time consuming. Setting aside time to work on your research project will make the work more manageable and less stressful for you.
  5. If you plan on applying to graduate school, student research looks great on applications and gives you an advantage.
  6. Always ask for help when you need it. The IRB wants you to have a positive experience and we’re here to help you!

Tips for Using Mentor IRB

  1. Remember to use the required informed consent templates. 
  2. After assigning a faculty advisor and hitting submit, the faculty advisor will get an email notification which includes a link to review the study.
  3. If the faculty advisor approves the study, it will automatically be submitted to the IRB for review. You will receive email notification of the faculty advisor approval.
  4. If the faculty advisor rejects the study, you will receive an email notification of the rejection.
  5. When logging into Mentor IRB, it will ask for your institution ID. The institution ID is "nku".