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HireNKU is the centralized database connecting Northern Kentucky University students and graduates with the employers who hope to hire them. HireNKU is used to post internship/co-op and full-time, degree-required positions; to schedule on-campus interviews; to manage career fair/event registrations; and to facilitate interaction between employers and candidates.



You already have a HireNKU account - you just need to activate it and upload your resume!

  • For more details, click here!
  • Search for co-op/internship and full-time positions
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews
  • Save Searches to generate an email to you when new jobs are posted
  • Search the Employer Directory for contacts within 3,500+ employers
  • View upcoming career fairs and events
  • On-Campus Interviews No Show/Late Cancellation Policy
  • Alumni, find more information here!



Alumni have full access to HireNKU. Review the ways to log in:

  • Recent alumni: Use your NKU account to log in.
    • Follow the Recent Alumni link above to access HireNKU
    • Forgot your NKU password? Reset it at by following the Forgot/Expired Password link.
  • Alumni with inactive NKU account:
    • To use your NKU account to login, reset your password at by following the Forgot/Expired Password link.
    • To bypass the NKU login and use a HireNKU username/password, contact Career Services to move your account to the Alumni Login/Inactive or Unknown NKU username/password set and send you a new password.
  • No NKU account:
    • Call or email Career Services to create a HireNKU account. Please include your full name (and any previous names), major/program, graduation date, and birth date. We will send a username and password via email.
  • Alumni, find more information about our services here!



You can post internship/co-op and full-time (degree-related) positions for NKU students free of charge!

  • For more details on how to post a position, click here!
  • Post co-op/internship and full-time opportunities
  • Schedule on-campus interviews
  • Register to attend career fairs and events
  • Review our Recruitment Policies



You can view internship/co-op and full-time positions and view/approve experiential learning records!

  • Because HireNKU contains confidential student and employer data, accounts are not automatically created for all faculty and staff.
  • We are happy to provide you with a faculty/staff account to HireNKU upon request. Email to request an account. Please include your NKU email address, your college/division, and your main purpose for wanting an account.
  • Already have an account? Log in using your HireNKU username and password (not necessarily your NKU password) using the Faculty/Staff Login link below.


Faculty/Staff Login

Use your NKU username and HireNKU password (not necessarily your NKU password). To request access, contact Career Services.

Faculty/Staff Resources

Faculty Guide to Navigating HireNKU

View companies/organizations, recruiters, job postings, company events (including career fairs), interviews, and workshops.

Faculty Coordinator Guide to Managing your Co-op/Internship Records

Approve Co-op/Internship requests. View Co-op/Internship Records within HireNKU.

Administrator Login

Use your NKU username and HireNKU password (not necessarily your NKU password). Questions, contact Career Services.

Administrator Resources

How to Process HireNKU Co-op/Internship Requests

View co-op/internship records for your college, link data to record, initiate approval process, and manage records throughout semester.