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Angela Kaesheimer

“NKU helped me realize just how passionate I was about helping others and the earth, which is why I joined APO and one of the reasons I joined Phi Mu!”

Angela Kaesheimer graduated NKU with a BA in Theatre Arts in 2017. She now started her year-long contract with AmeriCorps!

Angela will be working at the Brighton Center as the head of their community gardens project, where she’ll be working with inmates at the detention center and low-income citizens who need a better way to get fresh fruits and vegetables for their families. She will also be gardening alongside them to grow extra food for the center and the many places they donate or sell the crops too, including the local farmer's markets, and she’ll be helping out around the center however she can!

Along with that, Angela is also working on a One Person Show she hopes to fully finish and perform next year!

Angela says that NKU does a great job of incorporating service into student's lives and she is glad she took as many opportunities as she did to expand into that and the non-profit world.

Some advice she’d give to students would be 1) Never be too proud or busy to help another person or show them kindness. 2) Be involved on campus, not just with your major. See shows and sports games, join a club and make new friends! 3) Find what makes you feel whole, and go after it with everything you've got.