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Nathan Ruschman

“The sociology professors in particular really helped me grow and see things from others' perspectives, and taught me to always check different sources to see how the same story can be spun different ways.”

Nathan Ruschman is a 2011 graduate who double majored in Sociology and Criminal Justice. He currently works at LasikPlus and is training to become an optometrist’s aid.

Nathan recently returned from serving in the Peace Corps for two years abroad working as a health education volunteer with the country of Moldova in Eastern Europe. Shortly after returning from the Peace Corps he served a short AmeriCorps term in Nevada working with trail construction and restoration throughout the state of Nevada.

His advice to students would be to volunteer more. Volunteering, even on a small level, is also a great way to get a taste of something that you think you may be interested in without having to go and get a degree, or go through the hiring process of only to later find out it's not the best fit for you. Nathan also mentioned that the Peace Corps allows you to go to new places, learn a new language and make friends you'd never have made otherwise.