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Richard Cooper

“I can’t imagine being in my current position without the support of NKU.”

Richard C. Cooper is a 2014 graduate with a Master’s degree in public history.

He is currently vice president-chief programs officer at Conner Prairie, one of the country’s top outdoor history museums located in suburban Indianapolis. Established in 1934, the museum spans more than 1,000 wooded acres and combines history with science, technology, engineering and math and encourages visitors to explore Indiana’s natural and cultural history through hands-on, immersive and interactive experiences. In his position, he is responsible for working with a dedicated staff to bring the mission of the museum to life through programming, exhibitions and interpretation.

Richard says that his degree from Northern Kentucky University played a significant role in helping prepare him for his career in museum leadership. He also said that NKU’s public history program is one of the best programs in the country. The professors work tirelessly to prepare students for the field and he can’t imagine being in his current position without the support of NKU.

His advice is to follow your dreams and find a career path that you love. It may seem impossible at times, he says, but never lose hope and ask for help along the way while building your network.

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