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Lauren White

Name: Lauren White
Degree: Public Relations, 2011
Where she is now: Co-owner of Indigo Life, a media agency
Notes: Lauren has been featured in a recent Huffington Post Article and she has been interviewed by Forbes about a story on social entrepreneurship that should come out sometime in December.

How did NKU help you with your journey?
Classes involved local organizations with needs that we had to create solutions for with real-life case studies and fabulous professionals as guest speakers. The hands-on learning and connection to the community provided an exceptional amount of experience and potential job opportunities. Involvement in student organizations were also a phenomenal asset to my growth. I am incredibly grateful for my sorority experience with Delta Zeta, serving as President of the NKU Chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America, Student Government and the Norse Leadership Retreat.

What is some advice you would give to prospective/current students?
Take the initiative to get involved in as many groups as possible as a student while also connecting to the community. You'll be surprised at how many people are willing to talk with and offer help to students, and how quickly that opportunity disappears when you don't have the title of "student" to stand on. There's something about aspiring talent that makes people want to help - take advantage of it and authentically maintain those relationships. They'll serve you in the long run.