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Larry Csernik

“Being able to focus in on your major is a good thing, but don't disregard the advantages you get from other topics that might seem completely unrelated. Inevitably, they broaden your creativity and ability to approach your major focus successful manner.”

Larry Csernik holds a B.A. Theatre (Lighting Design) from NKU and graduated Winter 2015. He now works the Rental Shop Manager for Vincent Lighting Systems, a company that specializes in theatrical lighting equipment rental, setup, repairs and permanent installations.

Larry says that NKU gave him the technical skills to work with the specialized equipment in his current position. Being accustomed to putting in late hours working on shows at NKU has certainly made his late-night production work for corporate events and weddings much easier.

He has this piece of advice for incoming or current students is to try to study something outside your discipline.