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Tiffany Poeppelman

“All of the courses and project work at NKU allowed me to gain a deeper understanding in organizational practices and techniques to serve as a business advisor. The applied skills were applied immediately following graduation and continue to serve me in my daily work.”

Tiffany Poeppelman is a 2010 NKU graduate with a Master of Science, Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology. She currently works as a Senior Sales Performance Consultant within Sales Readiness at LinkedIn and is based in London, but will be re-locating to Dublin to lead our Sales Productivity teams across our Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) offices.

Tiffany said that the ability to help improve people’s experiences in their daily work lives has been at my core since I began my professional career, and she has always valued her degree and overall choice of the field.

She highly recommends that everyone builds their personal brand and remember it will be something that continues to evolve over time, and should be maintained by thoughtful online and offline actions. If you don’t build your own brand, it can be assured that others are doing it for you.