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The VIA character strengths framework is one tool to support the engagement and wellbeing of faculty and staff. The 24 VIA character strengths is a “common language” of personality traits that reflect our personal identity, produce positive outcomes for ourselves and others, and contribute to the collective good. 

Why the VIA Character Strengths?

People who use their strengths more are more engaged in their work. Studies have found that employees who have the opportunity to regularly use their strengths at work each day are up to SIX TIMES more engaged in what they’re doing (Minhas, 2010; Gallup, 2013b; Gallup 2013c; Clifton & Harter, 2003; Crabb, 2011).

People who use their strengths have higher levels of wellbeing. Studies have found that people who are aware of their strengths and use them are 18 times more likely to be flourishing (be doing well in 6 dimensions of wellbeing) than those who do not use their strengths (Hone et al., 2015).

Find out your unique ranking of strengths and start  aligning your work to things that energize you today!

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24 Character Strengths