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In an effort to be eco-friendly and streamline, we encourage employees to complete and/or update W-4’s for Federal, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana tax online.

To access the Online W-4, log into MyNKU Employee Self Service and click the link for W-4 tax forms.

W-4 - Modify your existing federal and state withholding in myNKU + W-4 Withholding:  Instructions

Changes made to your W-4 will remain in effect for future years and until and unless you make any further change. 

For Employees who work in states other than Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana, you will need to provide a paper or pdf version of that state’s tax form to the payroll office.  This can be submitted via a secure dropbox.  Please contact payroll to send you an invitation to the dropbox.  Payroll can be contacted at: 

Kellie Ziesemer
Director of Payroll Services
Nikki Kramer
Sr. Payroll Analyst
(859) 572-1997
Jennifer Ruschman
Payroll Coordinator

For further information and for IRS guidance on how to fill out Federal Form W-4, please visit this link to their FAQ’s: